Claudia Striekwold, NL , finished the Alpe D’huez long distance 2017, are you interested in her story?

The Alpe D’Huez triathlon as my last preparation race before my ultimate 2017 goal , the Ironman in Kalmar, Sweden.

Thanks to Dare2Tri I was able to race the Alpe D’Huez triathlon long distance, (2,2-120-20) , doesn’t maybe sound too much, but with 3 mountains in it and 3200m height difference not that easy so to speak.

The week before both me and my friend Sander Smeets arrived in Le Bourg d'Oisans to train the various colls like the Col de la Croix de Fer, Col du Telegraph and Col du Galibier.   Wow, that is a tough area to bike in, long uphill’s from 10 to 15kn just uphill... I needed to safe myself a bit as Kalmar is my end station for this season and it’s easy to do too much in the Alpes. 

The water temperature was only 15C, but felt colder, but with the great wetsuit from Dare2Tri the MACH4S, it was durable and sam really relaxed, the water clear as a crystal, the mountains, sun, like heaven on earth in the Alps.      Once on the bike the race really started… and 3200m for a non-climber is a serious one to overcome.   The aid stations were well offering food and drinks but only the exchange of drink bottles costed me more time than needed.

After the Col du Grand Serre and Col d'Ornon the Alpe d'huez was really tough, but managed and was happy to change my bike shoes into running shoes.    Once in the running shoes it was uphill again, now up the Col de Sarenne, 3x a loop of 6,8km.. took me the first loop to get myself into my  rhythm but managed to finish in a time of  9:13:53 , not per se a time to be proud of but a time which kept me going and now Im back in training again for Kalmar.

A race on its own, absolutely amazing! The views, landscapes, atmosphere and a great organization made this one an unforgettable one!

I dare2Tri!